Use Asana! Manage your multiple businesses in an efficient way.

Do you have a business to manage? Like a chain of stores, coffee shop or franchise restaurant? How much time do you spend managing those? Do you still use email to communicate with your store managers/supervisors?

How much time do you spend responding to their emails? How do you manage and measure certain tasks on your business that are being done and accomplished based on project timeline?

Perhaps, tons of your time? Then, maybe it’s time to manage your business in an efficient way. Use Asana wherein teamwork without email is possible.

Asana is a project management tool that provides a whole range of actions that makes working and collaborating on a project/tasks a lot easier.

Here are some reasons why you have to use Asana to manage your business.

By using Asana, you are able to create tasks for your project that you/teammates plan to do. Instead of sending emails. With that, you are able to save time and effort in opening your email accounts, crafting and sending a message. A real time and clutter saver software it is!

Also, Asana organizes your tasks into shared projects, meetings, and lists. It keeps the conversation within the tasks instead of opening several accounts that might cause confusions.

In addition, by using Asana in managing your business you can get automatic updates about tasks that matter to you. No need to read a status email again. Now, be smart and efficient in managing your business. Use Asana.

Don’t you know how to use Asana? Well, check out my creative presentation on How to use Asana. Happy learning.