Not so long ago, Facebook marketing was an alien to me. Since I am an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who wished to come home and be with my family celebrating holidays all throughout the year. Be with my husband and start to build our own family. Go home but still earning dollars with the same amount of money or more than I am earning abroad. Thankfully, God hears my prayer. Through my friend who introduces me about Bro. Bo Sanchez preaching ministry (The Feast). Last June 2014, I was able to watch the Wealth Summit recording, specifically conducted for Truly Rich club member. In that summit, Jomar Hilario talked about working from home. He even brought with him two virtual assistants who worked at home at the same time able to do those things that they loved.

After watching that video, I became restless and rekindled the fire within me wanting to go home. But unfortunately, I am in the middle of my commitments. So years past that I wasn’t able to fulfill my desire of attending his weekly webinars. January 2015, I got married but after two weeks I went back to Oman where I am working as ICU nurse because my contract was not finished. With my situation, self-pity and homesick sink in. Starting February 2015, I attended weekly free webinars conducted by Jomar Hilario as long as I am off duty. If ever I can’t attend the live webinar. I would watch the replay then.

Finally, last March 2015, I decided to learn how to become a virtual assistant and focus on Facebook Marketing seriously. I purchased the Date with Freedom Summit and Seminar (downloadable, because I can’t come home to attend the live event). However, when the seminar was completed and we need to do the assignment. I got stuck, overwhelmed, vanquished. I stall and made excuses to myself that I am experiencing a difficult time with my schedule that’s why I was not able to complete my assignments. But, with my desire to go home. I made a decision that I will finish my contract and go home. I decided that in order to motivate myself, I need to complete the appointment so that I can find a gig and finally go home and make out my heart’s solicitude.

Eventually, I resigned from my job, and I was able to make my assignments. But I did not apply for a gig yet because I wanted to learn more skills. So that, I can offer several skills and I can charge higher. When I finally went home, I rested for a month and then took the Va202 downloadable/Facebook and Linkedin Marketing lesson by Jomar  Hilario. In this material, I will learn most effective tactics in Facebook and LinkedIn marketing.

To start with my Va202 assignment I will create a blog post regarding my adventure in Learning Facebook Marketing specifically crafting and executing a Facebook campaign.

To start with;

  1. We need a Facebook page specifically created for your prospects although a personal account may use but according to my mentor’s experience, it is much better to have a Facebook page created at So that if ever your account will be banned by Facebook it will not jeopardize your contacts, photos, and videos stored on your account. Anyway, creating an account at is for free.
  1. We need to create a poster for Facebook ads. If you do not know how to create a post here’s a link to the tutorial I created how to craft a post using Canva.
  1. After crafting a post, how will you know that your Facebook Ad pass the 20% text rule of Facebook? You can check it using the Facebook grid tool. Here is the link;
  1. We need an Email catcher/ Opt-in page using one of these; Unbounce, Leadpages, Madmimi or Mailchimp.
  1. A Thank you page created with one of these; WordPress, Leadpages or Unbounce.
  1. After creating a thank you page, wherein the pixel tracker will be pasted as this signifies that a Facebook user had subscribed and given his/her email to you. However, this pixel tracker is only available if your campaign goal is website conversion.


Hmmmmmnnnnnnn… Can you still follow me? Nope? Relax… Because, together we will delve How to create a smart, fast, and efficient Facebook ad campaign.

So, check out my next blog as we start our adventure, in running a Facebook Ad campaign…