I'm Lynne

Pinterest Manager| Health Advocate| Blogger

First, let me tell you how I started my Virtual Career Journey..

I have been in the clinical area working as ICU nurse for a decade already and I felt like there was something missing.
My life was lacking passion. I was sick and tired of playing safe. And that, I wanted something that would challenge and allow me to grow as a person and make a dent in the world.

My life was lacking passion. I was sick and tired of playing safe. And that, I wanted something that would challenge me and allow me to grow as a person and make a dent in the world.

Meeting My First Online Mentor

Until June 2015, I was able to browse the website of Jomar Hilario. He is the Philippines’ Virtual Professional Guru and Tim Ferris of the Philippines who introduced me to the world of virtual career.

In that, I have taken several courses of Jomar Hilario such as; Date with Freedom, Facebook, and LinkedIn Marketing, Business Growth Hacking and Marketing Automation.

Wherein, I will learn how to become a highly competitive and tremendously dependable virtual professional.

From then on, I need to keep my skills sharp and keep learning and growing to be able to adapt to a competitive business climate.

I decided to Focus on Pinterest Management as I noticed, I love Creating Pins and Passionate Being a Health Advocate…

I fell in love in creating motivational quotes that later on I realized why not used my knowledge and skills to motivate others to become healthy Holistically. 

I could still remember when I prepared for my wedding my reference point was the awesome Pins at Pinterest. 

That’s why when I decided to narrow down my niche market I choose Pinterest because it has 150,000,000 users every month.70 million are from the US and 80 million were outside the US. 

But what’s most inspiring is seeing all the different ways these people are using Pinterest. People visit Pinterest for themselves, not for selfies. Pinterest is more of a personal tool than a social one. People don’t come to see what their friends are doing. Instead, they come to Pinterest to find ideas to try, figure out which ones they love, and learn a little bit about themselves in the process.

Why I came up to this Website…

Essentially, I created this blog to document my journey to becoming a tremendously amazing Virtual Assistant.

And ultimately it becomes my Virtual Portfolio while working remotely on a website to showcase my knowledge and skills.I love the feeling of working from home surrounded by my family and helping other entrepreneurs in their business needs.

I created free tutorials where you can refer to start your own journey as a Virtual Assistant. I also placed here all my recommended resources and tools that I came across that will inspire and improve your life.

Services I am Passionate Doing… 

  • Craft stunning social media posts and graphics (visual marketing) to attract quality fans and maximize your Pinterest page’s organic reach.
  • Schedule Pins to maintain your online presence at Pinterest while you actively focus on flourishing your business and improving your products and services.
  • Upload new Content to your Pinterest account.
  • Setting up Pinterest Business account, Creating a profile, Verifying website domain, Linking accounts and Enabling Pinterest analytics.
  • Creating boards with SEO descriptions. Enabling Rich Pin status and Applying to Group boards. 
  • Setting up Tailwind account, Verifying website domain and linking client’s Pinterest account. Establishing a daily Pinning schedule for clients or other content. And creating a custom pinning schedule.
  • Create Board lists. Set-up Tailwind tribes and join other Tribes.
  • And a whole lot more that involves Pinterest Marketing because Your Tremendously Dependable Virtual Assistant invests in keeping herself updated with the latest information and research by top online influencers and thought leaders.