10 Easy Step Set Pinterest Presence drive traffic. Are you having difficulty setting-up your Pinterest presence to gain traffic for your website?

Well, you are not alone! Months ago, I felt the same way when I decided to narrow down my Niche and Target market, I don’t know what are the steps I need to do to get started. 

Since I am a nurse by profession, I choose to serve Health coaches as I am inclined in promoting health and wellness. But, why Pinterest? maybe, because I am a self-confessed Pinterest addict! (every time I am in front of my computer browsing at millions of stellar images, time runs so fast)

The problem is, I have a limited knowledge in using a Pinterest platform. To solve that issue, I researched and read articles daily all about Pinterest. I also took free and paid courses about Pinterest to develop my knowledge and skills.

So this blog post is a sort of my journal on how I get started on Pinterest and may this serve as a guide not just to health coaches but to everyone who wanted to drive traffic to their website, increased sales, increased their email list using Pinterest. Here is the 10 easy step to set-up Pinterest presence that drives traffic.

But before we dive into any platform, It is a must that you have to understand the platform. Just like when I am in college, I have to study the anatomy and physiology of the body before I hop on medical and surgical diagnosis and its treatment. Because understanding the platform will help cultivate a long-term investment mindset.

It is crucial to understand that Pinterest is NOT a social media site like Facebook. It is a search engine that uses visual and a discovery platform where people go to gather ideas. That’s why when I prepared for my wedding, Pinterest serves as my reference when searching for wedding ideas that will help me complete my wedding preparations. I don’t go to Facebook nor Instagram.

I have read articles of high income earning bloggers who have used Pinterest to drive traffic to their website, market their products, services, and blog or whatever else because it helps to bring in long-term traffic.

Another thing is to create an evergreen content in order to effectively market on Pinterest. Surely you can pin products all day long, but it’s best to tell stories, help people and hook them into your site by creating content that is valuable.

Now, let’s hop over to the Pinterest side so you can setup your Pinterest profile as optimally as possible.

  1. Open up a Pinterest account with the name of your business in the URL. Mine is https://www.pinterest.com/ailynarcangelesVA10 EASY STEP SET PINTEREST PRESENCE DRIVE TRAFFIC
  2. Convert your account to a business account, go to https://business.pinterest.com. The process of converting the account requires you to confirm your site with a little bit of code. When you confirm, they will give you a code to put in your header. But if you install the Yoast SEO plugin. They have a section for Pinterest to insert that code making it super easy. 10 EASY STEP SET PINTEREST PRESENCE DRIVE TRAFFIC
  1. Apply for Rich Pins, when I applied mine I have to researched and read several articles that would help solve my problem. You can get started here: https://www.simplepinmedia.com/complete-guide-rich-pins-pinterest I use this article written by Kate Ahl which I found very helpful when I applied for Rich pins. 

           After those two crucial step you may proceed to the next step.

  1.  Upload your profile image. I suggest you to keep a headshot photo and the same as all other social media images so you’re easily recognizable and for branding purposes.
  1. Have an Optimized Bio, fill out your profile description. That is one of the first things we need to do with our profile, make sure it has keywords in your niche and tell people what you do and who you are.
  1. Create Boards tailored to your content or products. You can simply label it with your name or your website. Pin only your content or products to this board so when people find you, they can easily access your content.
  1. Create at least 10 boards around your niche and create content with right keywords.  Then another boards that showcase your personality.
  1. Create awesome images. Fill your boards with Pinterest friendly images.
  • Optimal Pin size 
  • Easy to read fonts
  • Beautiful imges
  • Text overlay
  1. Add a save button to your site.
  1. Let your audience know your on Pinterest with a shoutout. Cross promote to other social media networks.

Easy right? Actually, when I started setting up my account I had the hard time figuring out what to do. I hope this post will you guyz ! Now, keep rockin’ and exploring Pinterest.